Calypso-V6 VME


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The QuiXilica Calypso-V6 VXS is a 6U VME and ANSI/VITA 41
(VXS) compliant high-speed digitizer board that combines high
density FPGA processing with the latest 12-bit ADC technology.
In interleaved mode, the Calypso-V6 supports two channels
at sample rates up to 3.6 GSPS. In non-interleaved mode, the
Calypso-V6 supports six channels at sample rates up to 1.8
GSPS with over 2 GHz input bandwidth, supporting 1st and 2nd
Nyquist operation.
By employing three Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGAs, Tekmicro’s Calypso-V6
combines high resolution wideband signal acquisition with
onboard high density FPGA processing. The result is a single
slot solution that utilizes the latest ADC technology, supports
advanced signal processing of up to 16 GB/s of digitized data,
and forwards the results through a VME, RACE++, VXS or front
panel connection to the next processing stage.
Sample accurate synchronization of ADC sampling on a single
board, and between multiple boards, is done using an external
trigger signal. This offers significant advantages in terms
of channel matching performance for a range of advanced
processing algorithms including multi-channel algorithms found
in applications such as direction finding, STAP (Space Time
Adaptive Processing) RADAR, EW, ELINT and Synthetic Aperture
Radar (SAR) Image Formation.
The Calypso-V6 features high bandwidth, low latency
interconnect paths between its FPGAs. These have been
carefully specified to ensure that data from all ADC inputs can
be combined and processed together within the onboard FPGA
resources, to support coherent multi-channel applications such
as adaptive beamforming.
The Calypso-V6 is available for a wide range of operating
environments including commercial grade, rugged air cooled,
and conduction cooled to support deployed applications such
as unmanned airborne, naval and ground vehicles. For more
details see Tekmicro’s Ruggedization Data Sheet.
In addition to Calypso-V6, Tekmicro offers a broad range of Xilinx
Virtex-6 based streaming I/O and FPGA processing solutions for
both analog and digital I/O in a range of form factors.