VPX3-1257 3U VPX Intel Core i7

VPX3-1257 3U VPX Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge SBC

The VPX3-1257 rugged, high performance 3U OpenVPX single board computer (SBC) is based on the Intel® 3rd Generation Core™ i7  (Ivy Bridge) quad-core processor. The VPX3-1257 Intel Single Board Computer is a full-featured 3U OpenVPX SBC, designed for harsh-environment, air and conduction-cooled aerospace and defense applications. Each of the 3rd Generation Core i7’s four cores delivers 2.1 GHz of performance, providing advanced Intel Architecture processing in a lightweight, compact configuration ideal for size, weight, and power (SWaP) constrained applications. With a wide complement of on-board I/O, Gen2 PCI Express® (PCIe) fabric and XMC expansion, the VPX3-1257 Intel SBC satisfies the most demanding fielded applications for unmanned aerial and ground vehicles, tactical aircraft, armored vehicles and rugged naval systems.

Available in a full range of air- and conduction-cooled configurations, the rugged VPX3-1257 3U OpenVPX Intel Single Board Computer combines the significantly improved floating-point performance of the Intel Core i7 processor with the substantial bandwidth and system-enabling features of the 3U OpenVPX™ form factor. The board’s quad-core processor features the new Intel Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) floating point instructions, and delivers unmatched performance. The VPX3-1257 Intel SBC is available with up to 16 GB of highbandwidth DDR3 SDRAM (1333 MHz) and comes with a rich complement of high-speed I/O, including dual Gigabit Ethernet, Gen2 PCIe, three (3) USB 2.0 ports, and an XMC/PMC site supported with eight (8) lanes of Gen2 PCIe. The board’s integral high-speed gigabit Ethernet, PCIe fabric and XMC/PMC mezzanine module connectivity enables high bandwidth data flows. Data can also flow from the VPX backplane to the XMC site to support demanding high bandwidth applications such as video acquisition, processing & distribution, and radar and sonar. The VPX3-1257 Intel Single Board Computer also features high-bandwidth fabric to the backplane via Gen2 PCIe to the P1 connector which provides connectivity with additional boards in a computing environment.

The VPX3-1257 3U OpenVPX Intel SBC is supported by a suite of firmware, RTOS board support packages (BSP), communication libraries and signal processing libraries.