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The SensorCom BlackCat is a powerful, wide-band Signal Survey, Intercept and Recording System

BlackCat is fronted by the world’s most advanced sensor interface system and backed by a powerful,

open architecture signal processing and data recording application suite.

The system is completely scalable using four baseline models.

Each BlackCat baseline model is cross-compatible,

affords rapid deployment and allows full remote configuration management.
BlackCat signal bandwidth, data products and interfacing techniques can be tailored to customer specifications.

The Systems’ physical size, weight and power can also be managed to meet end-users’ requirements.

The network capability and remote system configuration enable the streamlined management of the System. The use of COTS hardware addresses system longevity issues, hardware obsolescence, operating system changes and software library updates.
System upgrades and troubleshooting can be accomplished via network exchange and call center, rather than be technicians traveling to client sites.
BlackCat’s high fidelity wideband signal acquisition, real-time signal processing, data recording and playback function allow it to be used in a variety of application spaces including Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Electronics Intelligence (ELINT), spectral waveform development, communication systems development, testing and operator training, etc