LCD 6.5″ Mission Displays

  • Features
  • ŠŠCompact, split design for use in space limited installations
  • ŠŠFull multi-function display
  • ŠŠMultiple video inputs
  • ŠŠMap/Computer or graphics input
  • ŠŠTouch screen interface
  • ŠŠSunlight readable
  • ŠŠDesign caters for fold-away installations
  • ŠŠDesigned for both helicopters and fixed wing aircraftThe AVDU-1626/7 is a two part display
  • designed for use
    primarily in cockpit positions where space is very limited and where a full VGA, daylight readable multi-function
    display is required. The unit is split into front and rear sections to provide a solution for a fold-away installation. A
    small, short cable connects the front and rear sections of the display.
    Like all AVDU series displays, the AVDU-1626/7 offers
    multiple video inputs, VGA (computer/graphics/map) input
    and an integrated touch screen. The touch screen can be
    used to interface with the Honeywell Skyforce Observer
    moving map system if required or where used with a
    Skyquest VMS system the touch screen can be used to select
    multiple video inputs.