VRD v5400

Recording Media
ŠŠUp to two CompactFlash cards
ŠŠTested with:
–SanDisk Extreme III 32 GB for up to 160 Mbps
–SanDisk Extreme IV 16 GB for 220 Mbps
ŠŠApproximate recording time at different bit rates (in minutes)
–1x 32 GB card at 19 MB/s = ~210 min
–1x 32 GB card at 25 MB/s = ~160 min
–1x 32 GB card at 35 MB/s = ~114 min
–1x 32 GB card at 50 MB/s = ~80 min
–1x 32 GB card at 100 MB/s = ~40 min
ŠŠRecording bit rates are set at the factory. The default setting is 35 MB/s.
ŠŠTwo cards can be fitted into the unit – one will automatically start recording when the other fills, seamlessly switching the recording from card 1 to card 2.
ŠŠFree PC playback software for PC with no HD playback CODECs
ŠŠIndustry standard file format
ŠŠLexar FW-800 USB CF high-speed reader recommended
ŠŠ3x to 6x download speed, metadata support
Note: The times are approximate and dependant on the signal source content.