RS114PS18 Rugged 1U

RS114PS18 Rugged 1U Carbon Fiber Server

  • Ultra light weight carbon fiber chassis–12-14 lbs.
  • Easily mounted– Delrin glides, fixed mount or Jonathan rails

  • ŠŠRugged 1U, rack mounted 18” depth
  • Versatility with up to six (6) removable 2.5” drive Bays

  • ŠŠLeading edge Intel® Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge CPU options
  • Expandable with one (1) fullheight, 3/4 length slot

Compact and Powerful

In an industry where 28” is norm, Crystal Group provides a server that is 18” deep with the latest Intel processing capabilities. With a carbon fiber chassis
weighing in at 12-14 lbs., the RS114PS18 provides high capability in a small package. Don’t wait for the next “rugged” Intel architecture when you can make your programs successful now! Be a leader!

Rugged and Dependable
Using our expertise in Avionics design and development, we’ve created the next generation in rugged computing. This game-changing technology
provides enhanced compute power in the harshest of environments. We do not just design to these standards, we actually test to them. When we put our
name on the RS114PS18, you can be sure it is both rugged and dependable. Put your trust in us!

High Reliability at a Fraction of the Cost
Innovative packaging techniques and attention to the important details make our product run cooler and perform at wider temperature extremes. The design
approach limits deflection and extends circuit board solder joint life. We provide incredible processing power in a rugged package with exceptional life at a fraction of the cost. Unrivaled in the industry!

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responsive. We guarantee you will never work with a more customer- focused company. Your success is our passion!