Rugged Distributed Processing Platform (RDP²)

  • Maximum 4 Tera Floting Point Operations Per Second (TFPS) performance

  • ECS 6U Rugged case with removable inner rack for easy service. Front and rear removable lids with handles and wheels

  • ŠŠStunning visual graphics with 19” rugged hi-brite LCD with 102 function, water-proof keyboard
  • Extended ambient temperature capable with 2U liquid cooler system, 1400W dissipation at 55 °C

  • ŠŠUp to four GP/GPU Cards in a 3U dual socket Xeon Based Server
  • Enhanced reliability cooler with dual pumps, dual radiator system, flow meter and temperature monitoring

The Basic Compute Platform

Crystal Group has developed a super-computer capability a 6U transit case space for rugged mobile applications. The heart of the system is an RS378L24 3U
server with a Westmere based motherboard using the 5520 Intel chipset and dual 1366 LGA sockets. The system has five PCIex16 slots which can house up to
four GP/GPU cards. The cards have been ruggedized by Crystal Group for vibration, shock, and extreme thermal condition. The most notable feature of the card
ruggedization is the addition of liquid cooling blocks which replace the convection cooling for the GPU chips. This modification increases the maximum ambient
operational temperature from 35°C to 55°C under full processor loading. GP/GPU technology is changing rapidly. Therefore, rather than providing an architecture limited to nVidia or Intel, Crystal Group provides an adaptable platform that allows technology upgrades to the system ( e.g., from Tesla to Fermi to Kepler to Phi). This super-computer server has the capability of accepting up to eight 3.5” HDD or 16 2.5” SSD drives for storage. This equates to 32TB for stationary (not on-the-move computation) or 8TB of storage for computation in dynamic environments.

The graphics interface to the system is supplied via a 1U Crystal RD1119 display. This display is a 1U rack mounted display with an ultra-bright backlight, low
reflectance cover glass, and high performance PVA LCD in a rugged package. The system comes with a waterproof iKey 102 function keyboard and a 19” SXGA
LCD. This display has been tested to MIL-STD-810G, Method 514.6, Procedure 2 levels.

Liquid Cooling System
At the heart of the thermal capabilities of the system is a 2U, liquid cooling pump, radiator, reservoir, and fan assembly. The pumping system is equipped with
redundant pumps, fans, and radiators to enhance reliability and availability of the system. The system includes a microcontroller with a LCD screen output on
the unit which monitors coolant temperature and flow rate. Coolant is pumped from the 2U chiller to the GP/GPU blocks and back to the radiator/fan system to
enable enhanced thermal performance for the GP/GPU system.