Compact Rugged Computer

GeneVA Solid State Data Processor

The GeneVA solid state rugged compuer includes the processing power of an Intel Core i7 1.06GHz processor in a compact, small form factor system design. Optimized for size, weight, and power considerations at only 2.24” (57mm) x 6.45” (164mm) x 6.69” (170mm) and weighing 4.4lbs, this embedded system offers a selectable range of interfaces including CANbus, Ethernet, USB, RS-232, RS-422,VGA, Audio, FPGA, Magnetometer, accelerometer, keyboard, and mouse. The data processing system includes up to 8GB of DDR II and 8-32GB of solid state memory.

The GeneVA embedded system was designed for rugged ground military applications and is qualified to extended temperature, vibration, and environmental conditions including MIL-STD-810F and Defense Standard 59-411 Land Class A. Applications for the GeneVA data processor include Usage Monitoring Systems software.

The GeneVA data processing system supports Windows XP/XPe/7 and Linux.