About Us

Romvision Embedded Systems, Ltd. was founded by a group of engineers with over 20 years of experience in the Defense market.

Key customers include Israeli Air Force, Israel Aircraft Industries, Ministry of Defense, Rafael, Elbit and Elisra.

Romvision Embedded Systems, Ltd. designs and manufactures defense products for rush environment in a wide range of rugged communication and processing products for real time defense systems, as well as recording systems and rugged processing platform. Romvision Embedded Systems develop unique rugged multi processing platform for avionic and military vehicle purpose.

These products are used in real-time systems designed for data acquisition, instrumentation, control systems and signal processing in customer applications such as reconnaissance, signals intelligence, satellite telemetry, mine detection, medical imaging, radar, sonar, semiconductor inspection and seismic research.

ISO 9001 Certification
Romvision Embedded Systems, Ltd., has met international quality management and quality assurance standards set by the International Organization for Standardization.

Romvision Embedded Systems customers can be assured that customer satisfaction is a strategic company priority.

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    R&D, Manager

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